Open Art Surgery

Open Art Surgery

News | 10th February 2019

Witness in theatre Doctors Fitz and Fitzy performing a unique procedure known as Open Art Surgery. From nothing they will create a patient on paper and attempt to bring it to life. The surgeons of art will highlight the many layers of anatomy via drawing and dissecting the subject matter, whilst revealing what goes on underneath the paper skin. ​

Fear Medicine

Events Programme 2019

News | 29th November 2018

'Medical Fear' is something that everyone of us humans, past and present, have experienced at some point. We all experience illness and when we are unwell most of us want to get better. This often means doing something to ourselves that is alien, whether surgical, medicinal, or therapeutic. The methods that a sick person will use in their journey from illness to regaining their health can sometimes be scary for the individuals involved (the healers, the patients, the patients' families, etc.).


Museum Dance Off 5: The Last Dance

News | 1st April 2018

The Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garret is participating for the second time in the Museum Dance Off Competition. This is the fifth and final annual international dance off competition featuring the upstanding professionals from museums, galleries, libraries and archives around the world showing off their best dance moves. Check our journey and our submissions here. Help us do better than last year. Vote for us!

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