Open Art Surgery

Open Art Surgery

News | 10th February 2019

Witness in theatre Doctors Fitz and Fitzy performing a unique procedure known as Open Art Surgery. From nothing they will create a patient on paper and attempt to bring it to life. The surgeons of art will highlight the many layers of anatomy via drawing and dissecting the subject matter, whilst revealing what goes on underneath the paper skin. ​


Chloroform – Fear, Crime and (Pain) Relief

Museum Highlights | 5th February 2019

The fear of the effects of chloroform goes back to the earliest days of its use in the late 1840s. This fear manifested itself in many ways. First, there was the surgeon who feared that the chloroforming would not be successful, especially after the first recorded death attributed to chloroform in England on January,1848. Then there was of course patients' fear. Despite the pain relief that chloroform offered during surgery and other medical interventions, unconsciousness was seen as a danger by the patient who was afraid of a fatal outcome.

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