A Museum Story

It was Sunday morning. For the first time in a while, the sun was shining in London. As I came around the corner from London Bridge Station I looked up at the scaffolding that by[…]


The Natural Ordure of Things

“Why, what I may think after dinner is one thing, and what I may think before dinner is another.”  (Mr Jopling, ‘Bleak House’). It’s a fair assumption that not many of us contemplate the complex[…]


There Together Be Suspended

On November 13th 1849, the felonious couple Frederick and Maria Manning were publicly executed at the Horsemonger Lane Gaol, Southwark, for the murder of Patrick O’Connor – an affair that became known as the “Bermondsey[…]


‘Pain has an element of blank’

We assume that our ancestors felt pain in much the same way as we do today. But perhaps this ‘common-sense’ assumption is incorrect. The way individuals relate to the world, including their own bodies, is[…]

Summer of Fashion at Surrey Gardens 1844

An Englishman’s Paradise

In 1862, while the new buildings of St Thomas’ were under construction near Westminster Bridge, the hospital temporarily moved to Surrey Gardens. Now a populous area between the Kennington and Walworth Roads, the Gardens were[…]