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Is There Anybody There? Spiritualism: From the Front into the Front Parlours

Talk | 11 November, 2018, 7:00 PM

In this talk Julie Mathias will look a Spiritualism from a religious perspective and how it helped many families come to terms with the loss of their loved ones

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Between 1914-1918, millions of people were suddenly forced to deal with a vast number of violent and unnatural deaths of young men. Britain became a nation of mourners. Bereavement and attempts to cope with mass death intensified as families and individuals sought all the help they could in dealing with personal loss. For many people, Spiritualism provided an outlet for their suffering and sorrow and offered an assurance that their dead loved ones lived on. This talk will explore how Spiritualism helped illuminate a world darkened by the catastrophe that we call today the Great War.

Join Julie Mathias, Education Manager at the Old Operating Theatre Museum & Herb Garret, for this fascinating talk on Armistice Day.

Doors will opent at 6:30 pm.

Tickets: £12.00

*Access is through a 52-step spiral staircase.

**Please, by advised that we have a policy that we might not go through with an event unless 20 tickets have been sold. 

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