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Suitablity: 16+ (any age or group with pharmacy interests)
Duration: Approximately 60 minutes
Cost: £5 concessions, £6.50 full price
Available: Mondays from 2:00 pm & Wednesdays from 10:30 am. 
Presentation outline
The herbal talk explores the medicinal history of the use of plants, animals and minerals and their pharmaceutical use throughout the centuries. Beginning with medicines of ancient Egyptian and Roman cultures, this hands-on presentation explores the chronology and continuity of pharmaceutical history and how St Thomas’ and Guy’s Hospitals’ apothecary worked with the materials that were stored in the Herb Garret. Seated in the oak beamed roof of the church, the group is provided with the opportunity to interact and discover more about St Thomas’ Hospital pharmacy, its pharmacopoeia and the roses, wormwood, ostrich eggs, earthworms and garden snails medicines that provide source for the patients’ medicines.
The talk is bookable for adult groups of maximum group size 25, and takes place within the Herb Garret.
In addition to the talk, the group will have opportunity to look around the rest of the museum which includes the Old Operating Theatre of 1822.
A herbal walk can also be added to this presentation to allow exploration of the herb gardens in the London Bridge area.    

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes
This will extend the visit to a total of 2 hours.
Cost: £8.50 concession, £12.00 full price
Available: Mondays from 2:00 pm & Wednesdays from 10:30 am. 

To book please contact the museum at or call us at 020 7188 2679.

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