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Ott Venue Hire
The Old Operating Theatre, 1822.

The Venue

The Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garret is the type of unexpected and delightful venue to surprise guests when you host any after hours events like receptions, team-building meetings, product launches (books, wine, spirits, etc.), etc. It is also an atmospheric venue to use as a backdrop in photo shoots and video sessions. 

The museum consists of four well defined areas. First, the Herb Garret, a charming area below the timber rafters of St Thomas' Church. This is the ideal place to serve drinks and canapes. The space can hold up to 60 people comfortably. Second, the Operating Theatre itself, which is a small hemicycle that can seat up to 50 people. This space is ideal for presentations and performances. In addition to these two areas, there is also a small Ante-Chamber which joins the Herb Garret with the Operating Theatre, as well as the Bell Tower, which houses a small shop at the top of the spiral staircase entrance which can be used to welcome guests. 


Because the museum is an original space dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries, there are a number of restrictions that must be taken into consideration in order to safeguard it. Keep these restrictions in mind when you plan your event. 

  • The museum can hold up to 60 people, including the 2 staff members that must be present during the event. 
  • Parking is restricted in the vicinity of the Museum during office hours-although the area is well served with car-parks and meters. St Thomas' Street is a red route. 
  • Entrance to the museum is by a 52 step spiral staircase. We are not wheelchair accessible. 
  • Smoking is prohibited in the premises.
  • The building is a museum and has to be treated with tender care and respect while in use. 
  • In order to minimise the impact on the Museum's visitors, venue hire can only take place outside of opening hours (10:30 am-5:00 pm). 
  • The Museum reserves the right to refuse hire if the filming / photography / event does not align with our organisation’s mission, ethics, and policies. 

Museum Hire & Booking Process

  1. Before we can proceed with your booking, you must read the Museum Hire Application, Conservation and Agreement Form (the link will open in a new tab). 
  2. Call the museum at 02071882679 or send an e-mail to to confirm availability of dates and times for the proposed Hire.
  3. You must complete and return the attached Museum Hire Application, Conservation and Agreement Form for review. Please indicate the purpose of your hire (either Film/Photography or Event) accordingly. Filling this document does NOT guarantee your booking.
  4. Return your completed Museum Hire Application, Conservation and Agreement Form to
  5. We will review your application and if the venue is available on your requested date and you can meet our requirements, we will countersign the Museum Hire Agreement and send it back to you with an invoice for the deposit (25% of the total cost).
  6. Upon receipt of the countersigned document and invoice you will have five days to pay the deposit and this will confirm your booking. Payment of the full balance must be received by the Museum at least five days before the Hire takes place. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the museum at 02071882679 or send an e-mail to 

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