Secret Concert @ The Old Operating Theatre: Introducing DanAleX


Facing up to Difficulties: Anaesthesia and Facial Surgery in WWI

Special Event | 16 October, 2018, 7:00 PM

It’s been almost a century since Armistice Day and the end of the horrors of the Great War. Soldiers returned from the front bearing injuries and scars on their bodies. Among the many medical challenges during this period in time was to provide Anaesthesia for those with severe facial injuries. The ‘normal’ technique at the time was to use a wire frame mask held over the nose and mouth, but these facial injuries made it impossible to either use anaesthesia or to do surgery without it. New developments in anaesthesia and surgery were needed. The anaesthetists Ivan Magill (photo) and Stanley Rowbotham together with the surgeon Harold Gillies were the men who rose to the challenge.


Nerve, Knowledge, and Normality in Healthcare Serial Killing

Special Event | 31 October, 2018, 7:00 PM

​This talk will focus on how easy it can be for healthcare practitioners to move from saving lives to doing away with them. The focus will be on Dr Harold Shipman (1946-2004) who killed hundreds of his patients over a 28-year period. Wherever he worked in the NHS – casualty, hospital wards and general practice – Shipman could kill people without anyone apparently noticing. Causing death in the course of treatment, with the intention of deliberately killing people, is known as ‘clinicide’. How common is clinicide? Why does it happen? How can it be incorporated into normal healthcare ‘routines’? And how can it be detected? This talk considers what can be learnt from healthcare serial killers from home and abroad, from fiction and fact.

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For the Love of Cheselden: Celebrating the Great 18th c. Surgeon

Special Event | 19 October, 2018, 7:00 PM

Three hundred years ago in 1718 ‘the Great’ William Cheselden joined St Thomas’ Hospital. Working initially as an Assistant Surgeon, from this time he honed his skills to improve the general surgical treatment of patients. He introduced innovative fast but accurate surgical procedures for lithotomy (the surgical removal of bladder stones); his patients had a 92% chance of survival; he radically undertook iridectomy, inserting an artificial iris to repair damaged eyes, as well as risky procedures on prisoners to restore their hearing.

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After Hours Victorian Surgery Demonstration

Special Event | 27 November, 2018, 7:00 pm

​This is a unique after hours event that will take you back in time to witness a mock Victorian surgical demonstration presented within the original architecture of the old operating theatre of St. Thomas’s Hospital dated to 1822. Before the advent of anaesthesia, an operation had to be swift. Without hand-washing or antiseptics, the chance of later infection was high. Upon entrance you will be welcomed to a glass of wine (included in the ticket price) and to spend some time looking around the museum.

Dan Ale X

Secret Concert @ The Old Operating Theatre: Introducing DanAleX

Special Event | 9 October, 2018, 7:00 PM

DanAleX (real name Daniel Watts) is a Northern Irish born artist based in London. His unique style crosses between pop, electronic, RnB and Jazz. He is primarily a producer/trumpet player and can be seen gigging throughout the UK and Ireland. His first solo release, 'The Colour' features vocals from some of the UK’s rising stars and is available to download/stream now! When seen live, he brings a new energy to the songs that will get you moving!

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