A Curious History of Sex: In Conversation with Kate Lister

25th November 2021



Virtual Event

Join us on Thursday, 25 November, from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm for a fascinating conversation with bestselling author, Dr Kate Lister. Dr Kate Lister is a lecturer at Leeds Trinity University, where she researches the history of sexuality and curates the online research project Whores of Yore.

Kate is also a columnist for iNews, Vice and the Wellcome Trust where she writes about the history of sex and to top it all up she won a Sexual Freedom Award for Publicist of the Year in 2017. We will converse with Kate about, well, you now…sex! We will discuss the contents of her book, ‘A Curious History of Sex’, and some of the topics that she covers ranging from twentieth- century testicle thefts to Victorian doctors massaging the pelvises of their female patients, from smutty bread innuendos dating back to AD 79, to the new and controversial sex doll brothels.

This promises to be a fascinating conversation where we will hopefully give some voice to the issues that people today are facing, including gender, sexual shame, beauty and language. Are you going to miss this conversation?

You will have the opportunity to ask questions via the ‘chat’ function at the end of the conversation.

*All income from ticket sales go to support the upkeep of the museum and the collection.  

A Curious History of Sex: In Conversation with Kate Lister