May 27, 2021



Dr Jenner, Smallpox & Vaccines: In Conversation with Owen Gower


Virtual Event

Join us on Thursday, 27 of May, from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm, for a fascinating conversation between Owen Gower, the museum manager of Dr Jenner’s House, Museum and Garden in Gloucestershire, as we discuss the influential work of Dr Edward Jenner, the pioneer of vaccinations. This was the man who effectively carried out what we could now consider to be the first clinical trials, in the use of Cowpox to protect against Smallpox. In doing so he set the scene for the development of vaccinations for the eradication of Smallpox, the only human disease we have ever completely wiped out. He set the scene for everything that is happening in public health today. This conversation promises to be very insightful and relevant as the world is in the process of vaccinating their populations against Covid-19. What can the past teach us about today?

You will have the opportunity to ask questions via the ‘chat’ function at the end of the conversation.

*All income from ticket sales will be evenly split between the Old Operating Theatre Museum & Herb Garret and Dr Jenner’s House, Museum & Garden, both registered charities and in need of your support after the Covid-19 closures.

Dr Jenner, Smallpox & Vaccines: In Conversation with Owen Gower