Before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, we generated all our income from admission, events, education, and shop sales. When our doors closed in March 2020, we had to rethink our business model since we do not receive any public funding. As a registered charity, all income we generate is reinvested into the upkeep of the museum and its programmes to ensure we meet our charitable objectives.

Since then, we have had to make some temporary changes to ensure our reopening is Covid-19 safe. You may have some questions around these decisions which we have not taken lightly, given our future is uncertain. Hopefully the answers below will help explain the reasons behind these changes.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during these difficult times while we navigate our way through our financial recovery.

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Why must I book a ‘Group Ticket’?

You are purchasing a fixed time slot which allows your group (which can be anything from 1 person to up to 6 people) to socially distance from other groups in the timed slots ahead or behind you. 

Because our museum is small, this guarantees you have plenty of space to wander around and explore the different sections of the museum with the rest of your ‘bubble’ group members (who don’t have to be socially distanced from you).

Why am I charged a flat rate of £20 and not your usual ticket prices?

Reduced opening hours and less capacity due to social distancing means we have had to review our pricing policy to help make our reopening generate a small income. Sadly however, even if we are able to sell all our advanced timed tickets on the days we plan to open for the rest of the year, we are not generating enough income to cover our core expenditure and are forecasting a 75% loss of income by the end of March 2021.

This price is not intended to make more money than is required or take advantage of our loyal supporters, but instead, helps us to work towards reducing the deficit we are facing, which in the long-term ensures the museum’s survival for the benefit of future generations.

We understand that this price may not be affordable to all, and so we are working to develop alternative and lower-priced ways for people to experience the museum.

Why do I have to book online in advance?

Purchasing a Group Ticket provides a simpler and easier booking process for you and ensures that your timed slot is exclusive to your own ‘bubble’.

We have implemented a new ticketing system (provided by TicketSolve) which securely manages your purchases using Global Pay, and holds your personal details to meet GDPR requirements. We ask you to book online in advance so we can safely manage the day’s timetable, and also collect details to meet the NHS Test and Trace requirements.

Is 45 minutes too long / not enough time ?

In 2019, we carried out research into how long our visitors spend in the museum. On average, visitors spent 47 minutes with us. Therefore, to help us manage the social distance between groups throughout the day, we have set a time-frame for your visit.

Is it worth it?

We definitely think so!

We have made some changes in the museum that takes you on a set route around the space, with a new QR code trail. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team are also on hand at every point during your visit and you are invited to ask them questions throughout. With a more exclusive experience, it is almost like you are receiving a personal tour!

As well as this, you will receive a free local history map showing historical highlights around London Bridge, and we definitely recommend having a wander round, stopping off at some of our local independent businesses to support their recovery, while doing our free Old Op Quiz!

Support the Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garret

There are other ways you can help the museum secure its long-term future, such as by making a donation or by purchasing a product from our shop. Everything that you donate or spend with us is invested back into the upkeep of the museum and its work.