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The History of Medicine in 100 Facts by Caroline Rance


For an engaging introduction to the vast subject of the history of medicine, #OldOpRecommends The History of Medicine in 100 Facts by Caroline Rance. In 100 bitesize entries, Rance provides snapshots of the way people approached healing in different contexts at different times, revealing the collaborative and non-linear nature of medical progress. There’s plenty of myth-busting, unsung heroes, and lesser-known episodes along the way. Delectable!

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The history of medicine is a vast subject, encompassing the whole of humanity in every region of the globe. For millennia, our ancestors have sought to combat disease, relieve pain and postpone the Grim Reaper’s inevitable victory, doing so with a fortitude and humour that makes their experiences resonate with us today. In this book packed full of facts from medicine’s long and often shocking past, Caroline Rance gives concise introductions to some of the more well-known (and not-so-well-known) episodes, dispelling a few myths and celebrating a few neglected figures along the way.

Publisher: Amberley Publishing (2015)

Number of Pages: 192

ISBN-13: 978-1445650036

The History of Medicine in 100 Facts by Caroline Rance

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